Grateful People

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Sharing a beautiful moment with my best friend, chatting through a meal, sipping a special coffee, reminded us how precious moments spent with happy, loving people truly are.

Essentials To Be Light

Six Vital Vitamins For Inspirational Writers

Vitamin A:

Beneficial to the writer’s abilities to express Adoration, Affection, Alacrity and Appreciation

Vitamin B:

Promotes a writer’s vision of Benevolence, Beauty, Blessing and Bliss

Vitamin C:

Essential nutrient to awaken Curiosity, Compassion, Charity and Contentment

On The Square Cafe Vitamin D:

Element to enlighten the weary soul with Delight, Dignity, Divinity and Devotion

Vitamin E:

A restorative for a writer’s capacity to communicate Empathy, Elation, Endurance, and Encouragement

Vitamin K:

Fills up the void where there should be Kindness, Knowledge, Keepsakes, and Kindred spirits