Today With Joy

How the days have slid easily off the point of my pen and pencil to represent the mission that is before me.   The mission would be merely a slight overbite that I entertained in my youth, but now has a squiggly road attached to it that I must follow.  When did the grass get so long that the deer would be so easily distracted by my lawn? Why should they come in when I have posted sentries to hinder their brown hides? Don’t they know they are entering into dangerous territory?

I am not the tyrant that I first appear, after all this is American soil. My neighbors and friends are always welcome here. And the manners of so many warrant my most pronounced invitation.  Come in and see what joy has done for my youth today.  There will be many leisurely moments to spend in wonder in the joys that God has created. I am not restrained today. Perhaps for the first time. I did run out on the grass to address two errant fawns who were provoked by their mother to test my most powerful water cannon. O and when it did not go off wasn’t the mother then bold enough to enter my domain?  But all the pretty deer were observed by my person fleeing the tastiest green grass for miles around and I laughed at how defiant their demeanor, all ears, hooves and Swat-the-bug tails flippantly fussy as I strode behind them away from my bit of paradise.

The day began with a friend and I on the road. His last day here and it was essential we visit the bay and Dungeness river. All of that is done for now as he is on his way to Oregon.  Sad to say goodbye. But the time was heavy on us both and it was time to part. Me to my youth,…my friend to the road. Good Bye.

In My Yard

Grateful People

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Sharing a beautiful moment with my best friend, chatting through a meal, sipping a special coffee, reminded us how precious moments spent with happy, loving people truly are.

Essentials To Be Light

Six Vital Vitamins For Inspirational Writers

Vitamin A:

Beneficial to the writer’s abilities to express Adoration, Affection, Alacrity and Appreciation

Vitamin B:

Promotes a writer’s vision of Benevolence, Beauty, Blessing and Bliss

Vitamin C:

Essential nutrient to awaken Curiosity, Compassion, Charity and Contentment

On The Square Cafe Vitamin D:

Element to enlighten the weary soul with Delight, Dignity, Divinity and Devotion

Vitamin E:

A restorative for a writer’s capacity to communicate Empathy, Elation, Endurance, and Encouragement

Vitamin K:

Fills up the void where there should be Kindness, Knowledge, Keepsakes, and Kindred spirits